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Wild Nutrition Food Grown Supplements

Supplements have always been an important part of The Source journey, alongside topical treatments and homecare products we are increasingly more aware of internal health and the impact that can have on our skin.

After a lot of research we are excited to announce Wild Nutrition as our newest product line in the clinic. This internal and well-being supplement line works with a food-grown process to harness the power of real food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Wild Nutrition was formed over 10 years ago by Henrietta Norton who was a Nutritional Practitioner. They have recently received B Corp certification which measures a company's social and environmental performance.

There are a number of reasons that Wild Nutrition are the best fit for us but mainly it's their focus on the Food Grown process and tailoring their supplement ranges to specific life stages.

Many supplements on the market contain fillers or binders and synthetic vitamins, Food Grown supplements are different because the nutrients are grown in the highest quality raw food. The process takes the best quality ingredients from our foods and enriches them with vitamins and minerals ensuring a much more effective way for our bodies to absorb these nutrients.

As well as daily nutrients for all round wellbeing and beauty supplements to help you glow from within, what we love about Wild Nutrition is that their supplements are tailored towards different life stages, varying from teenage girls/boys, women's health including Premenstrual Support, Perimenopausal and Menopause Support, Gut health with Multi Strain Biotic with others like Ashwagandha, Vitamin B12, Omega's and Magnesium for Focus, Energy, Stress and Immunity. We truly believe there will be something that can benefit all our clients

We will be digging deeper into these targeted supplements over the coming weeks and giving you feedback from the team on their journey so far!

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information.

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