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"Summer Skincare Protocols"

As we approach the summer months, we are likely to have some sun and heat exposure, this can impact the products we use on our skin and the treatments we have in clinic.

Here’s our guide on how to maximise your homecare to support your skin through the summer months:

We’re outside more which means the skin is exposed to harmful environmental factors such as pollution and of course, damaging UVA and UVB rays too so during the day your skin needs all the support it can get from antioxidant-rich skincare, most importantly a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

On sunnier days or sunny holidays, we would always advise ‘shade bathing’ or wearing a hat to make sure you keep your face out of the sun, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday with top ups every 2 hours.

Find the right formula and texture for your skin so that you feel happy applying it every day.

We work with AlumierMD who have options for all skin types, not only will these protect your skin but have lots of other amazing benefits too. Whether that be tinted or un-tinted, oil free or oil rich, lightweight or rich and creamy. Read more on the different options at our 'Sunscreen - Find the right match' blog.


We get asked a lot about retinol use during the summer or when on summer holidays, the answer is, if it is already in your homecare regime and if used effectively then yes, retinol can stay in our routines. Here are our key guides to using it effectively:


  • Most importantly keep the sun off your face and stay in the shade

  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day and apply regularly

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly in the evening before applying retinol

  • Add in a targeted serum to your skincare like Even Tone which can help to reduce the production of melanin in the skin to combat sun damage.

  • Consider dropping your retinol percentage or skipping a day in between if it makes you feel more comfortable

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly in the morning

  • Use a Vitamin C serum in the morning - Ever Active C&E helps shield against free radical damage cause by pollution and UV rays.

If you are not planning to avoid the sun, leave your retinol at home!


In the summer, skin naturally produces more oil and sweat which can lead to blocked pores, breakouts, and excess shine too. If you're not already, you could introduce a gentle daily exfoliation like the Bright & Clear solution or a weekly deep cleanse by using the Refining Clay Mask. You may also want to switch to lighter moisturiser.

In Clinic Treatments


We can also adapt in clinic treatments over the summer months and work around holidays and events that you may have.


Things to keep in mind during the summer months or if you’re going away on a sunny holiday:

For Peels and HydraFacial treatments we need to avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatment to avoid sensitivity to the sun and hyperpigmentation.


We might avoid IPL treatments depending on your summer plans as we need to avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks either side of treatment.


LED Light Therapy, SkinPen Microneedling & Remodel Radiofrequency Skin Tightening are all great options during the summer months.

If you need any advice on homecare or treatments to best suit your skin don't hesitate to get in touch or book in for one of our skin consultations.



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