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These treatments focus on targeted skin concerns and can involve working deeper into the skin.  With some of these treatments there may be a period of repair for your skin which will be advised by your aesthetician.

If you are unsure what treatment to book then consultations are available, book in for either Begin Your Journey or the Observ Skin Analysis, the cost of these consultations is fully redeemable against treatments booked or products purchased in the clinic.

3Juve Laser

The 3Juve machine is a medically supported treatment which is entirely customised to you.

Using a combination of three technologies on one machine to treat the three most common signs of ageing, depending on your concerns and what you are looking to achieve we create a regime that best accommodate you and your skin.

We recommend a laser consultation prior to treatment so we can select a plan that’s right for you. Prices listed are for the full face, however we can also treat specific areas of concern - prices to be determined based on consultation.

ReSurface - Fine Lines & Wrinkles

This is the most powerful technology of the three treatments.  Targeting the dermis, the fractional laser retextures and renews the skin, leaving the face silky soft, while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Full Face                             £310

Decollate                            £205


ReBright - Thread Veins & Pigmentation

As we age we start to notice skin discolouration such as pigmentation and thread veins, this is largely due to sun damage, vascular outbreaks, diet and health.  ReBright IPL selectively heats and removes these areas leaving the skin with a flawless appearance.

Full Face                            £195

Small Area                           £79

Cheeks                              £105

Hands                               £158

ReModel - Tightening & Lifting

Over time the reduction of collagen in our skin leads to a loss of firmness and elasticity around the eyes and jawline – these are normally the first areas we notice.  Using Radio-Frequency we create micro vibrations within the skin tissue to stimulate cell production creating new collagen and elastin.  This strengthens the dermal tissue leading to a subtle tightening and lifting of the skin.

Full Face & Neck             £158

Course of 6                    £790

For more information on our skincare and rejuvenation treatments please look at our Edinburgh based blog, The Source Clinic or follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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