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Skin Tools: The Lowdown

At home skin tools have been around a while; but with lockdown has come a massive growth in the trend of using them to work alongside homecare and in clinic treatments. There are a range of different tools you can add to your routine at home to give you professional treatment results - with these you can achieve glowing, clear and more youthful skin.

The Makeup Remover

These are re-usable pads to help you remove your makeup. Just run under warm water and the microfibres will remove all your makeup including mascara, taking away the need to use cotton pads or *eek* face wipes! An eco-friendly and quick fix - then just pop them in the washing machine ready for next time.

The Cleanser

This little tool gives you a deep cleanse and light exfoliation using lots of little silicone bristles to reach deeper into your pores reducing dirt, oil and impurities. There are 5 speeds to choose from using sonic pulses to boost your circulation and help the firmness of your skin. Apply your favourite cleanser and wet the cleansing tool, turn on and adjust the speed. Move around your face in circular motions for 1 minute, and rinse any excess product off your skin and tool with warm water.

A fantastic tool to use daily, this can be used for all skin types to ensure your cleanse is thorough.

The Microneedler 0.25

An industry favourite, the microneedler will help to rejuvenate by creating microchannels on the top layer of your skin. This will also help your serums and moisturiser to absorb better. It’s going to help speed up your cell turnover and collagen production which will encourage the skin to repair and renew. Perfect if you are concerned with fine lines, acne scarring or pigmentation. After cleansing, over dry skin roll the microneedler horizontally, vertically and diagonally in a light even pressure all over the face working outwards. Immediately after you can apply your serum and moisturiser. You can repeat this 3 times a week.

We love this with retinol for a real anti-ageing boost, but be careful to make sure your skin is used to the microneedler and retinol serum separately before using together.

The Roller

The rose quartz crystal roller will plump and brighten your skin by rolling across your face in outward movements towards the hairline and down your neck. Great to de-puff by draining toxins and keep in the fridge for a cooling effect to reduce under eye bags and dark circles with the smaller end of the roller. Use on cleansed skin over your serum, moisturiser or mask. This is great for before applying make up for an event - or the morning after a heavy night!

The Sculptor

The rose quartz sculptor tool; also known as a Gua Sha, stimulates and lifts the facial muscles helping to tone and give more definition. It also uses lymphatic drainage which is great if you have any puffiness and water retention. The Rose Quartz is full of minerals to help reduce inflammation and calm redness. After applying your serum or moisturiser using firm strokes work across the face, gliding out towards the hairline and down the neck to drain. You can use the edge of the tool to lift underneath the jawline, cheek bone and brow.

A perfect routine to do regularly on your skin to maximise the results and notice a real lift within the skin.

If you have any questions about our Flexi skin tools or are unsure how to use them, keep your eyes on our social media for more how to's. Or bring your tool to your next treatment and we can show you how best to tailor it for your skin concerns and goals.

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