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Internal Health - Treating Skin from Within

The beauty and skincare industry has developed at such a fast pace with clients becoming more aware and educated on topical product ingredients such as acids and retinols (and retinoids) along with advanced in-clinic treatments and their impact on skin; which is amazing. Alongside topical treatments we should also think about what we can do internally to improve our skin from the inside out. Not only targeting the skin on our face but our whole body.

On top of upping our water intake we can look into ways to help boost our collagen production and our gut health especially at this time of year with Skin Omega’s and Skin friendly bacteria to help our microbiome.

Skin omegas act like an internal moisturiser, perfect for all skin types and recommended for all dry skin conditions. These are ideal in the colder months when the skin is dealing with changes in temperature as well as central heating.

A great option is the Advanced Nutrition Programme sustainably sourced omegas 3 & 6 fatty acids combined with Vitamin A for overall skin health.

Their studies over a 12 week period showed:

  • Increased hydration by 40%

  • Improved skin integrity by 36%

  • Improved wrinkle depth by 24%

We also know that our gut health is related to our skin health. When we have an unhealthy gut; which is when we have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, this can affect our body and our skin. This can include bad digestion, poor concentration and poor skin quality such as dry, itchy, sensitivity and more prone to problem skin.

Skin Youth Biome is a supplement with skin friendly bacteria and vitamin C to give youthful and radiant skin and target the signs of ageing, fine lines & wrinkles, elasticity, uneven tone, dull, dry and thinning skin.

Good bacteria are important in our gut for our overall health and producing certain vitamins that help our body work how it should. Things that can play a part in causing an imbalanced gut are:



Sleep problems




Diet (High sugar, low fibre, food intolerances)

Healthier diet choices and lifestyle changes may help to rebalance your guts microbiome.

Find out more about the Advanced Nutrition Programme and begin your skin journey with us today

by booking in for a consultation.

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