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Hydrafacial - Skin Health for Life

Hydrafacial is 60 minute facial which includes 6 facials in 1! It is great as a one off treatment for a special event or as a course of treatments to work on skin concerns and goals.

So what does it include?

Detox - we use lymphatic drainage to boost circulation and eliminate toxins

Cleanse & Exfoliation - Hydra-dermabrasion for your skin using the vacuum technology and Hydropeel tip to gently exfoliate.

Peel - Glycolic and Salicylic acid are used to gently resurface, the strength can be amended depending on your concerns and once your skin has become accustomed to Hydrafacial.

Extractions - our favourite part! We use the vacuum and vortex to flush out the pores removing debris and blockages.

Hydrate & Protect - the skin is saturated with peptides and antioxidants to repair the skin and maximise your glow.

LED Light Therapy - blue or red light is used to reduce inflammation and further stimulate the production of collagen.

Hydrafacial can work on all skin types and many skin concerns such as; minimising fine lines and wrinkles, evening the tone and texture, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and pigmentation, and helping to prevent breakouts.

As with all of the treatments at The Source, we will discuss in consultation your skin concerns and goals to be able to tailor the treatment to give you the best results and benefits.

Get your Glow today!

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