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How to Create a Healthy Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier is a watertight seal on the top layers of skin to keep your skin protected from outside threats like bacteria and pollutants and keeps the water balance. Your skin should feel soft, plump and supple when your barrier is healthy. If it is damaged your skin may be dull, sensitive or dry and this is when it is unable to hold on to important components that keep the skin intact and it becomes more vulnerable to all outside aggressors.

When it comes to creating a healthy skin barrier prevention is better than cure. Its better keeping your skin healthy so you won't have to repair it in the future.

· Using a mild cleanser instead of harsh cleansers or soaps that will strip the skins natural oils

· Don't use abrasive scrubs as they can create micro-tears on the skin. Instead try leave on exfoliants

· Use fragrance free skincare products. Fragrance can make the skin more sensitive and may take away the ingredients needed to help the skin stay healthy

· Use a sunscreen every day. Sun exposure is one of the major causes that damage the skin barrier. Look for SPF 30 or higher and rich in antioxidants

If you feel that you need to repair your skin barrier then it is important to nourish and repair with ingredients like fatty acids, ceramides and hyaluronic acid these will help to keep in moisture and boost hydration.

A couple of our favourites are;

Ultimate boost serum from AlumierMD is the perfect product to enhance the hydrolipidic barrier. Filled with peptides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to hydrate, calm and strengthen the skin.

Recovery balm will help to repair a compromised skin and reduce redness with lots of soothing ingredients such as Hinokitiol, Sea whip and Copper peptide.

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