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Eye Catching

Eyes are a BIG deal. Over 85% of clients are concerned with ageing around their eyes! It’s often the area that first indicates lack of sleep, imbalance in diet or lifestyle, sensitivity, general wellbeing and mood. We have put together 4 of our favourite treatments and products that you can have either in clinic or at home!

Take note - not all lines symbolise ageing, lack of sleep or feeling a bit down in the dumps. For example, ask any 4 year old to smile, their eyes naturally create lines. These are known as laughter lines and these beauties look great!

However puffy, dehydrated, dull, sleepy, crepe, flat eyes are something that we can help with! Using a blend of treatments and products we can restore collagen, brighten, hydrate, and restore youth to the eyes.

AM - to - PM

The Alumier Eye duo, AluminEye and Retinol Eye gel are the must have dream team!

AluminEye can be used am and pm, will replace moisture loss, defend the skin against free radical damage and with the use of light reflecting ingredients will immediately bright the eye area.

Retinol Eye gel is a treatment focused product for evening use that stimulates collagen whilst softening and plumping unwanted lines and wrinkles.

This duo tightens, firms, plumps and brightens the eyes… what more could we ask for! This is now available in our 'Eyeconic' kit in clinic for the ultimate eye treatment.

Weekly Pamper

Once a week saturate the skin in the Rescue Eye Pads which visibly de-puff, hydrate and smooth the eye area. These cooling gel pads are key to happy eyes!

In Clinic

Remodel is a Radio frequency treatment which stimulates and promotes our own collagen production from within. This pain free treatment builds heat within the tissue to accelerate collagen in the area providing a tightening effect with ZERO downtime. As this also stimulates the circulation the eyes immediately look brighter and more plump however the best news is that the results continue to improve way after having your treatment! this can be added on to any of our treatments to target an area or as a standalone treatment for the full face and neck.

Gentle exfoliations can help take down the appearance of fine lines and even the texture so treatments such as Hydrafacial and Peels can be used to help boost these areas.

For a treatment to plump with longer lasting results - SkinPen is the one. Creating micro channels this boosts our collagen production by 400% for up to 300 days help to improve texture and tone. This does have some downtime, but the results are so worth it.

For best results on the eye area, we find a combination of homeware and in clinic treatment is best.

Contact us to book a consultation on which options would be most beneficial for you.

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