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Blue Light Skin Damage

Most of us are aware of UV sun damage but what about Blue light damage?

Blue light is present as long as we can see a "light" this could be a natural light or an artificial light such as a phone, computer or TV. So we are pretty much constantly being attacked by Blue Light damage. This would be known as free radical damage.

Blue light actually penetrates the skin right down through our dermis further than UVA, causing a multitude of sins to the cells. Damage such as inflammation breaks down our collagen and elastin resulting in premature ageing. It can also be responsible for a change in skin tone which can lead to hyper-pigmentation, one of the most difficult skin challenges to correct. Long term exposure to blue light weakens and breaks down our skins barrier which can cause sensitivity and dehydration, enhancing fine lines and wrinkles. Nobody wants that!

Many of us don't wear an SPF 24 hours a day 365 days a year therefore this damage overtime will adjust our cell DNA eventually creating negative skin concerns. In order to prevent such damage there are two key steps to add to your daily routine... Antioxidants and SPF.

Antioxidants are incredible! They will neutralise the free radicals whilst defending and repairing the cells from any damage. Combine this with a chemical free SPF for optimum cell protection all day long. Now reducing screen time would also be amazing however for many of us this just isn't achievable with work therefore adjust screen settings on your phones and computers and ensure you have your key products on your skin.

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