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Back to Basics - Cleansers Vs Wipes....

Updated: Feb 20

The benefits of a good cleanser can often be overlooked in a home skincare routine, focus being drawn to a serum, corrector or moisturiser. Sometimes it might be easiest to reach for a cleansing wipe especially for quickly removing make up however it's important to think what we want a cleanser to do and how we want it to leave our skin, it's the base to then applying our other products....

So, why we should use a cleanser to wash our face morning and evening?

Overnight our skin can produce sebum and excess oils, so we want to wash these off in the morning and prepare a clean surface for our skincare products.

In the evening it is important to wash off 'the day' - makeup, dirt, debris and bacteria collects on the skin throughout the day. Make sure to cleanse the skin twice, a thorough cleanse will enhance the absorption of our following skincare products and prevent blocked pores and breakouts.

Choosing the correct cleanser for your skin type is also important for your skin, and making sure they are free from fragrance, parabens, sulphites and SLS.

Wipes might seem like a quick and easy way to cleanse your skin but often they contain high alcohol content and harsh chemicals that will strip the natural oils from our skin, changing the pH levels of our skin. This can cause our skin to become dry, irritated and create inflammation. They can also leave a residue on the skin creating a barrier to the following products applied.

Micellar water is often used as an alternative to wipes, however this isn't necessarily going to 'cleanse' in the same way a cream or foaming cleanser does, it can also often leave a film on the skin which isn’t good for the skin if you are prone to breakouts, dryness or sensitivity. This also prevents the next steps in your skincare routine from being as effective. We want our cleanser to mimic our skins pH level of around pH 5, however most micellar water are around pH 7.4.

Cleansing routine recap:

Invest in a cleanser that suits your skin. Aim for a wash off (cream, foaming, oil) pH balanced cleanser and incorporate that into your skincare routine AM and PM, in the evening cleanse your skin twice to ensure you are removing all traces of makeup, dirt, bacteria etc.

Incorporate a microfiber face pad or muslin cloth that can be washed and reused. Something like the Flexi London Microfibre pads work really well, RRP £20 for a pack of 3 and are machine washable.

Alumier MD have 4 pH balanced cleansers ensuring suitability for all skin types RRP £34.50:

SensiCalm is a gentle, smooth, creamy hydrating cleanser that delicately removes impurities and excess oil while calming skin. Perfect if you have a compromised skin barrier. Yucca root extract is a gentle natural cleanser. Niacinamide, ceramides, vitamin E and sunflower seed oil moisturise, leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated.

HydraBoost is an intensely hydrating pH-balanced creamy cleanser that delicately removes impurities, excess oil and makeup. The natural cleanser yucca seed extract gently cleans skin. Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and argan oil moisturise, leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated.

Purifying Gel Cleanser is a refreshing pH-balanced foaming cleanser that gently and effectively cleanses skin by removing impurities and excess oil, leaving it supple and smooth. Plant-based surfactants gently cleanse. Chamomile and aloe soothe and hydrate for skin

that feels fresh and comfortable.

Clarifying Cleanser is a gentle but highly effective cleanser for blemish-prone skin. Salicylic acid works together with oligopeptide-10 to exfoliate and clear pores. Boswellia, honey and aloe soothe and hydrate skin, leaving it fresh, supple and comfortable.

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