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You GUT to look after you!

We have read a lot about Gut health recently and how it can affect so many aspects of every day life; physically and mentally, as well as show its self in digestive problems and skin concerns.

Now we aren't experts when it comes to Gut health however the beautiful Alana and Lisa who are the lovely humans behind The Gut Stuff are (please go check out their website and social media). We have had the privilege of attending one of their events to learn more and here is what we have to share...

Our gut is the length of a double decker bus when stretched out - this is a big area we need to look after!

Our lifestyles over the years have changed significantly which has lead to a rise in digestive issues; things such as caesarean births, cleaner environments, living with animals, and psychological stress through work and social media all contribute to these issues.

When our guts are not working as they should it can affect our mood, body fat, metabolism and pain threshold to name a few.

The gut and the brain are connected physically and chemically both ways, this means any inflammation within the gut can disrupt the brain leading to anxiety and/or depression. This is a huge topic which affects a lot of people currently and could be helped by looking at what we are putting into our bodies, more diversity within our diets can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Serotonin and dopamine are both made in the gut this is what sends happy signals to the brain. Having a healthy gut maximises the signal communication:)

So what should we be eating? Everything in moderation! It is all about variety, each of our bodies is different and needs different nutrients to thrive. We should be looking at trying to have 30 different types of foods a week including fruits and vegetables and stop being in the habit of picking up the same each week ( I know I'm bad for this!).

Fibre is also so important - it can move through to the large intestine undigested which can work as an anti inflammatory and help make a healthy gut lining. We should be trying to have 30grams a day to lower our risk of heart disease and have a healthy bowel.

DID YOU KNOW... there is more fibre in an apple than a serving of brown rice!

Something we do know about is skin. As your gut health is linked so closely with your skin when your gut isn't working or as happy as it would like to be signs can become visible on the surface. This may be seen as redness, flushing, acne, rosacea, eczema, sensitivity, dehydration, lack of radiance and more.

Now there is no quick fix. We suggest starting with 4 core components.

  • A good cleanser - Ensure you are removing all dirt and bacteria from the skin.

  • Variety - Feed your gut with healthy bacteria both via supplements and through diet.

  • Protect - protect the skin from external free radicals and use a daily SPF

  • Last but not least - REST- make sure you are taking time for you. As we have learnt stress can play havoc with your gut however it also hugely shows on the skin. So be kind to yourself and allow time to recharge and rest

Alana and Lisa are doing another event in Edinburgh in December if you would like to go along and find out more - details on their website and Instagram.

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