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Why would you choose Skin Needling?

Skin needling is not a new concept, in fact it has been around for over 25 years and research started along time before that. The technology and research around skin needling however has become far more detailed, advanced and results driven in the most recent years. It was found that by "pricking" the skin it induced a wound healing response creating an increase in collagen production, a thickening of the epidermis, cells ability to retain hydration and increased cell turnover to help shed unnecessary dead dull skin cells.

Over the years there have been many different devices and methods of skin needling. It was key for us to have a safe and effective method which delivered exceptional results and this is why Skin Pen stood out. Not only was Skin pen extremely results driven it was also...

  • FDA cleared

  • Safe

  • Hygienic - its is 100% sealed allowing no fluids to enter the device

  • Single use cartridge - Its like a new pen each time. The single use cartridge ensures its clean and no cross contamination may occur. The spring which creates the repetition is found in the single use cartridge ensuring each treatment delivers the same results.

  • Creates 98,000 channels per minute in the skin- RESULTS!

  • Contains 14 Japanese needles to the highest quality

  • Has the ability to alter needle depth

  • Is a very comfortable procedure to have

There are many reasons to have a skin needling treatment with Skin Pen:

  • Anti ageing - Increases collagen production by 400% for 300 days after your treatment

  • Skin rejuvenation - Increased cell turn over to shed those dead dull cells

  • Scarring - A wound healing response is created to help smooth and reduce the appearance

  • Refines pores

  • Hydration - Stimulates your GAG cells to retain moisture

  • Reduces Pigmentation - This can help with both sun damage and Melasma pigment in the skin.

  • Reduces redness by strengthening capillaries

What would you expect during and after a treatment?

We apply anaesthetic cream to the skin prior to treatment to ensure the treatment is comfortable for you. We then work all over the skin in 3 passes to create the microchannels using the depth chosen to suit your skin and your concerns. Once we are happy the skin has been completely treated we wipe over the skin using a saline solution and apply a hyaluronic serum. The treatment lasts around 60 minutes from start to finish. Directly after the treatment your skin will feel hot, slightly tight and will appear slightly red; almost like a sunburn.

The redness in the skin can stay for up to 24 hours - this is more dependant on the skins' sensitivity and any redness already in the skin. In the following days the skin will feel quite dry and flaky and any pigmentation may darken slightly before beginning to reduce. We give you a hydration and rescue balm to apply from the following day for 2-3 days to help aid the skins recovery.

Although everyone's "downtime" can be different we still would recommend you had no special plans for 5-7 days post treatment as this is when you are most likely to experience the redness and dryness however make up may be worn 24 hours post treatment. This is especially important after your first treatment as your skin can take a little longer to feel back to normal.

5 - 7 days after the treatment your hydration will return and the results will begin to show.

For skin rejuvenation we suggest 1-3 treatments around 6 weeks apart. For other skin challenges such as scarring, deep lines, pigmentation and more stubborn concerns up to 6 treatments every 4 weeks may be required.

It can also be done in combination with our other in clinic treatments for maximum results.

Client Experience 1

I found the treatment completely comfortable. My face was hot and pink post treatment for about 6 hours. By the following day I was slightly pink (more so on my scar where I went a bit deeper) but nothing too noticeable and started my rescue balm. Day two I started to flake mainly around my mouth area and my pigmentation did darken slightly. Day three I exfoliated gently to remove any flaky skin and loaded on the rescue balm. My skin started to return to normal hydration, appear far more radiant and my scar on my forehead started to look much better by day 4 and my results continued to show.

I personally love this treatment for skin PRE-juvenation and scar reduction and would recommend to anyone looking for their next step.

Client Experience 2

I have had all sorts of needling over the years, and I always take the anaesthetic cream! I found the treatment mostly fine all over but a wee bit uncomfortable over the bridge of my nose and forehead. My skin goes really pink with anything so I found it was patchy pink for the rest of the day. The second day it still looked pink over my cheeks where I am more sensitive with Rosacea and started to feel dry so I was applying my lift balm and rescue cream.

By the third day my skin was quite flaky around my eyes and mouth and by the evening you could see the dryness all over. The fourth day you could see the dryness going and by the next day my skin felt back to normal and looked much smoother and more even toned.

I noticed a really good difference with my pores and fine lines after a few weeks. I can't wait to get it done again!

We recommend a consultation to find out if this would be suited to your skin. SkinPen gives great results as a course of 3-6 on its own or as part of a skin maintenance programme combining with our other in clinic treatments.

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