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Which is the correct at home Exfoliation for me?

When it comes to exfoliation there are so many different opinions, options, brands, types and methods so we aren't surprised that clients get confused!

There are two forms of exfoliation:

Chemical- This is the use of chemicals most commonly lactic, glycolic and salicylic. They work by dissolving dead dull skin cells and minimising oil on the surface of the skin. This method suits most skin types and avoids any abrasive damage to the stratum corneum (the top layer) that manual exfoliators can often cause.

Manual- This tends to be a more gritty exfoliator, sand, beads or granules which buff away the surface to help shift those excess dull skin cells. Again can be suitable for most skin types however this is often over worked and over used therefore can cause sensitivity and irritation.

Our opinion- BOTH can be great as long as they are used correctly and prescribed to your skin type and concerns.

Top tip- Go see a skin specialist who can recommend the best at home exfoliation for you. Following trends can be tricky as some may do wonders for one client however can cause a multitude of issues for another... believe us we have been there. One particular Apricot sand scrub really got the better of us growing up!

What do we recommend- Chemical exfoliation is definitely the way we tend to go. We LOVE the Alumier Clear and Bright. It uses a blend of AHAs which gently remove the dead, dull skin cells helping to reveal a less congested and radiant skin complexion. This can be used in a variety of ways and therefore we feel suits 95% of clients.

Being unique is something we should all embrace and we believe that your skincare routine and journey should be unique to you. So why not book in for a consultation to help create your very own skincare journey.

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