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Why we chose our product ranges..

When selecting my skincare brands, it was really important to me that they were results driven, sourced ethically, environmentally friendly and use the highest quality of ingredients.

When selecting Alumier MD the key elements that really jumped out to me were that they use clean science and are a medical grade skincare brand. This means all ingredients are there for a purpose- to create physical change within the skin using high grade ingredients. This is supported with clinical studies and papers.

Clean science ensures that Alumier MD are at the forefront of the industry. For example, many SPF’s on the market contain chemicals that bleach and destroy coral. Alumier MD use a physical SPF not a chemical SPF therefore are exceptionally protective of the skin whilst coral friendly.

In everything that they do Alumier MD are evolving with both skin science and environmental awareness.

The other skincare brand that we are loving is our internal skin health supplements, Advanced Nutrition. Advanced Nutrition focus hugely on research. The ingredients are sourced, researched, tried, tested, retested to ensure depletion hasn’t occurred, and then brought into production. The extent of research and testing has really impressed me.

Advanced Nutrition source their omega 3 fish oils from Epax*. Epax ensure the purest form of omega 3 and that overfishing is never a concern. They screen and filter the fish oils three times removing all chemicals, metals and pollutants.

The high levels of active ingredients are blended to work in synergy with one another. The skin specific ingredients are encapsulated in vegetable derived capsules which maximise the absorption ensuring the best results can be achieved.

I believe targeting the skin with honest medical grade skincare and nutrition deliver clients the best results in the shortest time frame and the fact that we are also caring for the environment makes it even better!

*Epax-“ A world leader in Omega-3, Epax® has always been committed to manufacturing innovative ingredients of unmatched purity and quality” Epax Website

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