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The Source to a great Christmas Gift

Christmas shopping can be so stressful so we have created a few great gift ideas for 3 of the most common skin challenges.

RE-GLOW- To generate an all year round glow cleansing is key. We recommend the Flexi Tool Cleanser to vamp up all cleansing routines. The tool has 100s of little silicone bristles which work deep into the pores to remove any trapped dirt and congestion. The combination of pulses and high and low frequencies boost blood flow and circulation making the skin healthy and radiant.

BRIGHT EYES- dark, dehydrated, puffy eyes are one of the biggest concerns we hear especially at this time of the year when the social calendar explodes with work events, mulled wine and late nights. By saturating the eyes in the morning with enlightening and hydrating ingredients the eyes appear fresh and bright. At night repair and restore with a powerful Retinol eye treatment...almost like that mulled wine didn't happen! Go all out and add in some brightening eye masks to prep for those extra special occasions!

HYDRATE ME- Everyone needs a little extra hydration in the winter months so why not give the skin a tall glass of water with the Ultimate Boost Alumier Serum. Infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid leaving the cells feeling and looking plump, hydrated and restored from the lower layers. Top up during the day with the Sheer Hydration SPF to keep the skin protected and glowing all day long.

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DONT FORGET - Vouchers are a life saver. Available for both monetary value and specific treatments you can please the un-pleasable! Collect in clinic or have posted out, whichever suits you best.

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