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The Source Membership - Rosacea & Redness

Rosacea is a common skin condition recognised by redness or flushing, sensitivity, dilated capillaries and can often see breakouts in the area. It’s causes are unknown but we do know it can be down to hormones and often is hereditary. It most commonly affects fair skinned women and appears between the ages of 30 and 50. Although it can only be diagnosed by Dermatologists, we can recognise it's traits.

Everybody has Demodex mites that live on their skin, but research has shown that people with rosacea have 10 times as many. These release bacteria onto the skin triggering an immune reaction which causes redness and inflammation - this in turn can lead to breakouts associated with Rosacea.

Some external irritants can lead to flare ups - these can be heavily fragranced products, spicy foods, stress, alcohol or caffeine so trying to limit these can reduce redness and irritation. Over heating can also be a trigger for flushing so trying to stay cool, and keep showers/baths at a cooler temperature may help.

We offer a membership plan to help give you a range of different treatments to specifically treat your skin. We tailor each of your treatments to meet your skincare needs, starting off with a minimum of six treatments to give you the best results.

Your treatment and homecare plan will depend on your skin concerns and goals but there are certain treatments for Rosacea we lean towards for best results.

In our skin journeys for Rosacea we often combine LED light therapy with The Source Facial, AlumierMD Radiance Peels or Re:Bright for skin rejuvenation.

Blue light LED helps to calm redness, irritation and reduce inflammation in the skin while being antibacterial. When combined with our professional products to nourish and moisturise the skin it is fantastic for helping to calm and replenish lost hydration.

The AlumierMD Radiance 30 peel uses Lactic acid to gently resurface the skin to improve the texture and tone of the skin by dissolving dead cells on the surface of the skin, it helps to maintian oil production while repairing the barrier with peptides. This will reduce redness and sensitivity.

Re:Bright, or IPL as it is more commonly known (intense pulse light) is a step up - it creates a heat within the skin to improve skin tone such as redness and thread veins. There are separate settings we use for rosacea skins to help manage sensitivity.

A 6 month plan for Rosacea could look something like this;

  1. The Source Facial with LED

  2. Radiance Peel with LED

  3. Re:Bright with LED

  4. Radiance Peel with LED

  5. Re:Bright with LED

  6. Radiance Peel with LED

All memberships are bespoke not only to each client but also to each treatment, our skin and commitments can be different from month to month. So as much as we work to a plan, this is also flexible to fit in with changes in the skin or how you yourself are feeling at that time.

We can help to treat recurrent signs of rosacea with certain active ingredients in our homecare products combined with in clinic treatments. It is important to be using a gentle but effective exfoliator at home to manage oil production while helping to slough off dead skin cells, AHA's are generally the best as they also give hydration. Vitamin C is a brilliant ingredient for Rosacea skins, a good active product will help to strengthen the skin and reduce redness - this can be noticeable within 7-10 days of starting.

Other ingredients to watch out for;

  • Piperonyl Glucose to relieve flushing and redness

  • Hinokitiol is a soothing anti-irritant and has brightening properties

  • Niacinamide to repair the protective barrier to hold moisture and boost hydration.

Some of our favourite homecare for Rosacea and Redness prone skins are AlumierMD Everactive C&E and Calm-R serum, and Advanced Nutrition Skin Omegas supplements for protection of the cells and hydration.

Begin your skin journey with us today with a consultation to find out how we can help calm and brighten your skin. Book Here

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