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The Source Membership - Hyperpigmentation

Most of us have or will develop an element of hyperpigmentation in our skin caused by varying triggers, the severity of pigment can range from very mild to severe.

Our bodies naturally produce melanin determining the colour of our skin which is called pigmentation. When our skin cells are damaged then extra melanin is produced causing hyperpigmentation. This appears on the skin in small and large darkened patches.

There are different types and triggers of hyperpigmentation. UV induced, Post inflammatory and Melasma.

When you are in the sun you may notice darker patches of hyperpigmentation like freckles, sunspots or an uneven skin tone which often fade, however if you have overexposed your skin to UV, over time you will notice these darker patches may not disappear and will stay on the surface of the skin as your melanocyte cell has been damaged and is over producing pigment.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is found in areas where the skin has had some type of trauma, acne, or irritation. Inflammation stimulates cells under the skin and alter the activity of the melanin producing cells, causing increased pigment production.

Melasma appears in symmetrical patches on the skin commonly seen on the cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Typically related to hormonal changes such as pregnancy, birth control pill and menopause.

There are a few treatments that we can effectively use to improve the appearance of pigmentation conditions.

AlumierMD Peels work by using a combination of active ingredients to remove the top layers of the skin and speed up the production of new collagen, strengthening the skin and capillaries and reducing uneven skin tone.

SkinPen is a medical needling treatment which creates micro channels in the skin enabling us to reach the dermis layer of the skin, this allows us to stimulate cell renewal. The increased blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the area; this encourages the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which strengthens and tightens the skin and helps to minimise the appearance of scarring and hyperpigmentation.

ReBright IPL is an intense pulsed light treatment that targets specific areas of pigmentation. The pigment absorbs the light causing it to heat up. The heat damages the cells with the melanin. The pigment will darken and will form a micro-crust which will flake away leaving the area with reduced pigmentation.

Green LED is a medical grade LED Light therapy treatment which works to improve superficial and dermal hyperpigmentation found on the skin. Targeting the melanocytes so that less melanin travels to the skins surface. This is a great add on to our peel treatments.

Depending on the type of Hyperpigmentation you have we can create a bespoke treatment plan that might look a bit like this:

Sun Damage

1. AlumierMD Radiance Peel & LED

2. AlumierMD POWER + Peel & LED

3. SkinPen Medical Needling

4. ReBright IPL Full Face

5. ReBright IPL Full Face

6. AlumierMD POWER + Peel & LED


1. AlumierMD Radiance Peel & LED

2. SkinPen Medical Needling

3. AlumierMD Radiance Peel & LED

4. SkinPen Medical Needling

5. AlumierMD POWER + Peel

6. AlumierMD POWER + Peel

As always having the right homecare routine to support your treatment plan is important and hugely beneficial. The most important product being your SPF! Alongside SPF a Vitamin C serum works to give your skin maximum protection from the UV and prevent pigmentation worsening. Also having an AHA exfoliant to remove the dead layers of skin and help the newer layers come to the surface. This way we can remove pigment that is sitting near the surface of the skin.

Key ingredients to look out for are:

L-ascorbic acid – The only bioavailable form of Vitamin C. Which is going to help with antioxidant protection enhancing your UV protection, brightens and evens out skin tone

White Shitake Mushroom - Degrades pigment that is already produced

Retinol - Stimulates cell turnover and thickens the skin

Zinc oxide - Protection from UVA and UVB

Our favourite AlumierMD homecare products are EverActive C&E + Peptide, EvenTone Serum, Retinol Resurfacing serum and Sheer Hydration SPF 40.

We offer a membership plan to help give you a range of different treatments to specifically treat your skin. We tailor each of your treatments to meet your skincare needs, starting off with a minimum of six treatments to give you the best results

All memberships are bespoke not only to each client but also to each treatment, our skin and commitments can be different from month to month.

Begin your skin journey with us today with a consultation to find out how we can help your skin. Book Here

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