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The Perfect Cleanse

We are taking you back to the basics!

Clients often say "my skin just feels so clean after my facial" or "my skin feels amazing, so fresh and hydrated" and they struggle to get the same finish at home.

Yes in clinics we do have the upper hand in many ways with extra products, machines and techniques that you don't have at home however your skin should still feel clean, fresh, light, plump and healthy each time you do your own routine.

When it comes to your skincare routine at home first and foremost there are a few things to check:

Are you using the correct products?

Are you using the correct amount of product?

Are you being thorough enough with the application?

Often we find that the products being used are either too heavy or too light, clients perhaps use too little or way too much product and lets face it we are usually rushed, tired and our routine perhaps isn't so thorough. These are all really easy mishaps and we are all guilty of it.

The solution is simple:

Listen to how your skin feels does it feel sticky, greasy, heavy or perhaps tight or itchy after application?

Are you seeing results from your products at home? If so what do you love or maybe dislike about the products?

Make sure you take time when cleansing!


First of all start with the eyes. Remove all eye make up including brow products. Follow this with a lip cleanse if you have product on.

Then dampen the face- never apply your cleanser to dry skin. This can cause irritation.

Apply (usually one pump) of cleanser onto damp skin, you may need to lather the product up first and add water. Massage into the skin- Now take this onto the ears, down the neck, into the hair line, into those nose creases. Take a minute or so to do this and remove. I love to use a warm cloth to remove my cleanser however you may also simply rinse off. Then.... REPEAT!

Doubling cleansing is a game changer! Especially if you wear make up, have excess oil, work where you are exposed to environmental pollution or suffer from skin challenges. Double cleansing ensures all the oil, make-up, dirt and pollution is removed from the skin. Not only does your skin feel clean it also allows your skin to breath and maximises the penetration of any products you apply after.

To match with the best exfoliation read our Exfoliation Blog for more tips and ideas!

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