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The New Normal

As we are hopeful for the day we can open coming soon, we thought we would let you know what that looks like.

Throughout the past 14 weeks we have been doing extra training relating to COVID-19 as well as further skin treatment and product training. We have done risk assessments for every step of your journey to ensure our clients feel comfortable from the moment you step in to the moment you leave.

So what can you expect when you come in?

Before Your Appointment

Firstly when booking an appointment we will be asking more questions about your current health, we would also ask that if you feel unwell in the 24 hours before your appointment that you let us know and reschedule your appointment for 14 days later.

You will receive your consultation form by text prior to your appointment to fill in reducing the time you need to sit in our waiting area. We will also be scheduling appointments differently to stagger the times clients are coming into the clinic.

In The Clinic

On coming into the clinic we have hand sanitiser available for you to use. If we will still require a signature prior to your treatment we will hand you a freshly cleaned Ipad to sign. We will have screens on the desk to aid with this however, we are lucky in the space it is possible to remain 2m apart. We would also ask if you could come to your appointment by yourself unless you are having treatments at the same time and have booked together.

We are unable to offer our full list of refreshments but will still have bottled still or sparkling water available which is yours to drink and take away with you.

Once in the treatment room, we will allow you to get ready into a clean bed - we are using biodegradable disposable towels. Before starting your treatment will wash our hands as always before putting on a mask, protective glasses/visor and gloves. From here your treatment will be exactly as normal with slightly less chatting (good to help some of you relax!!).

After Treatment

When we have finished your treatment we will leave you to get ready and dispose of our protective wear in the medical waste bins.

Back out in the Reception area we will maintain the 2metre distancing recommendation. We would ask that you pay by card but as we have hand sanitiser available at the desk, can take cash if preferred. We can then book your next appointment for you.

During the time we have clients in treatments with us or in the clinic we will have our door locked to keep control of the number of people within the building. You will still be able to book appointments online, leave us voicemail or email should you need us. We may also look at having set times when you can pop in to purchase products if you are not having a treatment. Although we will still be happy to post/drop them off to you.

We will be leaving more time in between clients to ensure we can change the beds, wipe down all surfaces and key touch points in both the rooms and reception area. We have maintained high standards of cleanliness since opening, but will now ensure all key areas are cleaned in between every client as well as at the end of the day.

As things are changing so regularly at the moment, guidelines can change with how we are welcoming clients into the clinic and offering treatments. We will ensure to keep up to date and inform you of any changes as this goes.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon! X

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