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Stress affects every one of us at some point in our lives whether we like it or not. It doesn't matter what age we are, what jobs we have, how much fruit and veg we consume we can all experience stress or stressful situations.

But what is stress? Stress is your body reacting and responding to any element of physical or mental demand, pressure or danger. Our bodies react and go into a "fight or flight" mode or also known as a "stress response". This can be mild or it can be severe, it can happen often or hardly ever and everyone has different ways of dealing and managing stress.

Signs of stress are endless really, it may be difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, feeling tense, feeling emotional, upset or dodgy tummy or changes in the skin...the list goes on. Learning how to cope or manage stress is (in our opinion) a very personal journey. Someone may be able to go for a run, others may want to talk, some may wants to meditate. Whichever works for you is the best solution and we believe that exploring as many of these options until you find the best fit is imperative!

However when is comes to changes in the skin due to stress we feel pretty confident in saying look no further! Stress can make the skin feel dull, stimulate acne, enhance breakouts, flare up sensitivity, cause inflammation, increase oil production or dehydrate the skin. To then enhance these potential skin concerns and challenges the anxious mind then suppresses our immune system preventing healing. This is where we can say that The Source Facial is a one stop shop for anyone experiencing skin changes.

This hyper-customised skin treatment allows us to create a specific facial for your skin, mind and concerns on each visit to the clinic. This bespoke 45minute treatment can include a variety of de-stressing methods such as Gua Sha massage, pressure point tension release, shoulder and neck massage, stress eliminating scalp massage whilst using medical grade skincare to target all skin challenges. So not just our aim to improve and enhance the skin on the outside we also want you to feel relaxed and confident on the inside when leaving the clinic.

Inclusive skin health from the inside out.

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