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Skin Health Cheat Sheet

Every client has their own challenges and concerns when it comes to their skin and each of them can list a variety of improvements they would like to make, however one improvement that they all have in common is the aim to have healthy, happy skin. With life being pretty full on we forget the skin is the largest organ of the human body yet often it takes the brunt of our lifestyle. Creating and maintaining healthy skin really is simple and most importantly achievable for everybody (even with 3 hours sleep… believe us!)

Healthy skin starts with a good cleanse. There is zero point in doing any other step if you are applying products onto dirty skin. It would be like buttering bread wrapped in clingfilm… a ridiculous idea! Cleansing not only removes the dirt, bacteria, oil, makeup, and pollution it also prepares the skin for the following steps. Cleansing the skin is easy you dampen the face, apply the cleanser usually in a circular massage like technique, rinse, and REPEAT! The REPEAT is essential for good skin. The second cleanse preps and treats. Don’t skip the second cleanse.

Next up is exfoliation. Now, there are a lot of mixed opinions on exfoliation and which is the best method. In our view the best exfoliation is the one that works best for you. We find that a liquid exfoliator works perfectly for 90% of our clients as it’s versatile and buildable. We suggest the Bright and Clear from Alumier MD. This is because you can apply in two methods, patting directing onto the skin or application by cotton (you leave this on so great as a time saver). You can use as often as daily or as gently as weekly. It is exceptionally adaptable for all skin types and concerns and leaves the skin fresh and glowing. Scrubs people tend to over work which can lead to sensitivity however when used correctly are still a fab method.

Treat; this step is the add on, the bonus round if you like. It's not essential for every client to treat their skin, its directed to those who wish to target a specific concern such as dehydration, acne, pigmentation, scarring and so on. This section of your skincare journey should be advised correctly as a lot of treatments are exceptionally active therefore you want to ensure you are using the correct products in the correct way. A lot of active ingredients when used incorrectly can cause a “response”. This can lead to clients thinking that they are having a reaction when really it is just too much too soon. This is often the case when clients purchase Retinol. Try not to self-diagnose when it comes to treatment products and always ask your skin practitioner to advise. This will not only save you money it will also create the best results in the shortest time.

Hydrate and Protect; To be fair it genuinely surprises me now when people say they don’t wear an SPF daily. And if I’m honest I have no idea how they manage it as SPF is in most daily moisturisers. Protect, Protect, Protect! It is the best form for Anti-aging on the market. There is absolutely no point in treating the skin with any treatments or serum if you don’t protect the skin… it’s a waste of both time and money. Now there are many SPFs on the market and there are so many amazing ones to choose from. We find that the Chemical free SPF’s from Alumier MD are fab. There are a variety to select from both tinted and clear and deliver a physical protection to the skin. This means it acts like a mirror and reflects the dangerous UV away from the skin opposed to absorbing it like many chemical SPF’s do. It is beyond necessary to have an SPF on the skin 365 days a year regardless of the weather or if you're leaving the house. The younger you start the healthier your skin will be and the less wrinkles you will have when your older! So, in the morning protect and at night flood the skin with hydration with your favourite moisturiser.

Ps: Hyaluronic is amazing for hydration for both dry and dehydrated skin.

Using this simple guide your skin will be the healthiest version it can be.

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