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Pregnancy Do's & Don'ts

Pregnancy is both a super exciting and super nerve wracking time. We want to reassure you of all of the safe and effective treatments and skincare you can have during pregnancy.

First and foremost lets start with some good news, YOU 100% can still have facial treatments and you can most definitely use results driven skincare at home. Are there tweaks to consider? Absolutely!

Secondly please remember your consultations are confidential so let us know asap that you are pregnant, we understand some would like to keep this to themselves to begin with so if this is the case hold off on your treatment until you are happy to share your news.

Your current skincare routine may need to change slightly but this is ok we have you covered. Any Retinol based products pop to one side and replace with peptides and Vitamin C & E. If you have used Retinol in the early days please don't panic, there is a very very very small chance topical Retinol would penetrate enough into the skin to cause any harm. However as a precaution we advise to postpone Retinol until the baby has arrived. Many Peptides have been shown to be as corrective as Retinol therefore they are an AMAZING substitute.

Salicylic is another ingredient you may want to replace if you are using a high concentration. There isn't any solid evidence showing that it causes any difficulties however again we recommend swapping to a lactic acid based exfoliation.

Starting a new routine during pregnancy is tempting especially when your skin can change so much so quickly. Our advice, seek professional help, this avoids you doing anything wild that may make your skin more sensitive or reactive.

Your best friends during pregnancy are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Peptides.

Treatments, you will want to treat yourself before the little human arrives. Take this time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. We recommend the Source Facial. The Source Facial is completely customised to your skin, your concerns and your aims. This includes safe and active ingredients that will repair and restore the skin. Not only will you leave the clinic relaxed your skin will be glowing too. Add on the Rescue Eye Pads for the ultimate treatment.

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