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Maskne, The new normal

Maskne is a new term we are all hearing about in the skincare industry.

"As the name suggests, "maskne" is acne brought on by wearing a face mask"

We have seen a huge amount of key workers, healthcare workers, retail workers and more who have all sought help with their skin due to an increase of acne or blemishes around the mouth area.

A whopping 15% of healthcare workers have suffered from Maskne due to the prolonged mask wear!

Maskne is caused by a friction, pressure, rubbing and occlusion. The friction, pressure and rubbish aggravates the skin causing an increase of sensitivity and oil production. The occlusion creates a warm, moist environment which bacteria loves! The increase of oil, sensitive and bacteria results in more blemishes and the stimulation of acne.

The other factor we have to consider is stress. Increased stress levels tends to lead us to a more unhealthy diet and lifestyle which we all know can create a blemish or two however, stress also increases our hormones such as Androgen. Stimulating Androgen boosts the production of sebum (oil) within the skin which then becomes trapped in the follicles.

There is little we can do about wearing a mask however there is plenty we can do to tackle Maskne!

Step one - Wash your mask after each day and wash your pillow and phone case regularly

Step two - Cleanse the skin with a PH balancing cleanser

Step three - Introduce gentle exfoliation to reduce oil - Salicylic Acid works best

Step four - Drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy balanced diet

Step five - regular facials to help minimise scarring and control breakouts

Top Tip - Silk masks will reduce friction, rubbing and will allow the skin to breathe!

We now stock Flexi Skin Silk masks which use Mulberry Silk.

Using these simple steps we can help to minimise Maskne and get you and your skin feeling normal once again.

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