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Let It Glow

Alumier MD have added a new arrival in time for Christmas and we are EXCITED! The Let it Glow kit contains Enzymatic peel and Aqua infusion Mask.

This absolutely perfect duo will take you through the winter, party season or provide you with the ultimate selfcare kit to use in the comfort of your own home. Give yourself the pamper time you deserve, apply the products, sit, relax and they will get to work to bring you the sparkle of Christmas.

Our AlumierMD products will take exfoliation and hydration to the next level. They will enhance the results of your in-clinic treatments & help achieve your skin goals faster - giving you a longer lasting look of smoother, plumper & more radiant skin. When the products are used together, they will improve the appearance of congested, lined, sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Enzymatic peel has three active exfoliators.

  • Fruit enzymes to shave off cellular debris, improving texture, restoring a healthy, fresher looking, glowing skin.

  • AHA lactic acid removes upper dead layer resulting in radical radiance

  • BHA salicylic acid which will exfoliate inside the pores to reduce breakouts and enhance brightness and tone.

Enzymatic peel is suitable for most skin types, you can ask in clinic if you are unsure.

Aqua infusion mask is a super soaking, drenching lightweight mask. It has three low molecular weight hyaluronic acids which provides intense hydration. This will increase brightness, tone and the texture of the skin - restoring hydration and nourishment while boosting and maintaining your in-clinic results.

Available at our Christmas Event on Saturday. Get this on your Christmas list or treat yourself to a happy Christmas and glow your way through winter!

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