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L E D Light Therapy

LED Light therapy is one of the most popular treatments that we offer in clinic. It has a huge amount of benefits as a treatment on its own but it also compliments many of our other skin treatments too.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It comes in a variety of different colours which all have different skin benefits. The LED that we use is a complete face mask which sit directly on top of the skin. Although this may appear to be close it is actually exceptionally light and relaxing to have. The eyes and mouth are left open and the eyes are covered with either cotton and goggles for client comfort (the red light is super bright)

Skin benefits:

  • RED- Anti ageing, anti inflammatory, restores radiance and Boosts natural hydration from within

  • BLUE- Acne and Rosacea. This reduces redness, inflammation and bacteria on the skin

  • WHITE- Rejuvenates, promotes scar healing,improves tone and reduces collagen loss

  • GREEN- Reduces pigmentation, improves complexion and calming

Deesse LED is a medical grade light therapy treatment with over 40 years of science and research. All of the lights are delivered at a safe and effective dosage to create natural responses within the skin. For the more sensitive skins we suggest LED on its own to help strengthen and repair the skins barrier. For others we suggest adding onto your other skin treatments to maximise results and promote skin health from the lower layers. Exceptional prejuvenation & rejuvenation for all clients and skin concerns.

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