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How Lockdown is Affecting our Skin

Many of our friends and clients have come to us with the same question, why has my skin broken out in isolation?

And the answer could be a number of things. So here are our thoughts and top tips for mastering skin during lockdown.


We all have a bit more time on our hands so perhaps we are spending a bit more time examining our skin. Those pores, that thread vein and those wrinkles have most probably been there a while we are just noticing them more as we have time to look.

Top tip - put down the magnifying mirror and don't be too hard on yourself.


This has been a very stressful and uncertain time for all of us and stress can play havoc with the skin. It can lead to flare ups, breakouts, aging and lack of radiance. This can be due to many factors one being that stress is an internal free radical which can enhance hormonal activity and speed up collagen depletion.

Top tip - Take time to relax, watch a movie, enjoy an online yoga class, treat yourself to a at home facial treatment such as the AlumierMD Rescue Eye Pads. These little beauties saturate the eyes with hydration revitalising the skin creating a plump, bright and fresh glow.


Baking has been a huge hit recently along with the slightly more occasional wine or two and a spike in caffeine intake. We don't blame you I'm sure we are all guilty. Excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol can all have negative effects on the mind and body. For the skin these can lead to increased breakouts, eczema flare ups, dehydration and more.

Top Tip - Definitely treat yourself however try increase your fruit intake if your craving something sweet, swap to a green tea - its a fantastic hot drink packed full of antioxidants and mocktails are ideal for an exciting alternative to an alcoholic beverage. Be creative and think outside the box and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas.


Our day to day normal routines are well and truly out of the window, if you know what day it is your winning! However one routine that we will always keep on track is our skincare. A lot of people haven't been doing their normal or wearing make up or going to the gym therefore have let the am and pm skincare routine slacken. Your skin loves consistency!

Top Tip- stick to your morning and night routine to ensure your results are maintained and your skins kept happy. This is a great time to even vamp up or boost your skincare whilst we have the extra time. Why not add in a weekly peel to maximise at home treatments and create that in clinic glow! Our favourite is AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel - incredible!

Online consultations are available should you wish to chat about your home routines or skin concerns. Contact us at

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