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Autumn/Winter Skin Prep

As we get into September we start to see the change in season and weather. Personally we love this time of year, the cooler crisp days, candle lit evenings and cosy nights in are our favourite however this does have a huge impact on our skin!

During these months we often see the skin becoming slightly more compromised, dry, dehydrated, red, dull and just in general a bit sad. It’s tough keeping the skin plump and rejuvenated when we have the heating on full whack however, its not impossible!

First establish how your skin is feeling and looking:

Dry: The skin is lacking oil and the lipid barriers have become compromised. The skin will feel tight, sensitised, perhaps flaky, more lines may appear, itchy, dull, thin, uncomfortable.

Dehydrated: The skin is lacking water; the water cells aren’t holding onto the water content allowing trans epidermal water loss. The skin will feel tight, more lines may appear, sensitive, dull and thin.

Dull: This can be down to a few contributing factors such as lack of nutrients, excess dead skin cells and poor lymph drainage. Encouraging a healthy skin turn over with the correct level of exfoliation can revitalise your glow. Feeding the cells with key ingredients will ensure a healthy happy skin. Whilst introducing light massage or rose quarts rollers will boost lymphatic drainage removing all toxins.

Redness: During the winter months redness and sensitivity tends to be caused by the change in temperature. Going from hot to cold can play havoc with the skins natural protective barrier. Ensuring you are protecting the skin whilst hydrating and nourishing the cells is essential. This will keep the skins barrier strong and help to reduce winter sensitivity and redness.

Some key ingredients to consider for your A/W skincare programme are:

  • Hyaluronic acid which holds 1000x its own weight in water

  • Vitamin C to help protect the skin maintaining a healthy radiant complexion. Reducing free radical damage, photoageing and redness.

  • SPF, UVA is present 365 days a year constantly attacking our cells regardless of the temperature or lack of sun.

  • Vitamin B5 to help hydrate and condition the skin.

  • Skin Omegas to target every cell. Remember it’s not only our faces that get dry or dehydrated. The skin omegas will repair and defend our cell structure helping to retain and boost moisture. By replacing the core ingredients which that our skin use and looses daily we can avoid the winter blues and keep our skin looking and feeling amazing throughout the colder months.

Recently at a conference we heard a lovely lady describe her winter skincare like her winter wardrobe. You change your wardrobe, you wear more layers, thicker clothing and prepare for the change of season. This is exactly the approach we should take with our skincare routine.

This month visit The Source on the 26th of September for an in depth skin analysis with the Advanced Nutrition specialist to get the perfect internal autumn winter skin routine for you!

Appointments are limited. £15 to secure your space which is redeemable on the day.

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