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AlumierMD Peels - Why we LOVE them

There are so many different peeling techniques available today. From fruit enzymes and a variety of acids it is easy to be confused on which one is right for you. The key is to always receive a full consultation this will educate you on the ingredients being used, the protocol pre and post peeling, sensation during peeling and most importantly the results that are likely to be achieved.

Although at The Source Clinic a full consultation would always take place prior to any treatment we have made a quick guide on the differences between our two AlumierMD Peeling techniques.


Medical Grade Products

Bio available ingredients

30% Lactic OR 20% Lactic 10% Salicylic

Lightens uneven skin tone, Creates a healthy skin, Removed dead dull skin cells.

Highly customisable

Little to no sensation

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive

No downtime

Aftercare provided

Monthly treatments advised



Medical Grade Products

Bio available ingredients

7% Lactic, 7% Salicylic, 7% Resorcinol

Great for scarring, pigmentation, deep lines wrinkles and photo damage

Removes dead skin cells rapidly increasing exfoliation

Suitable for acclimatised skins

Warm, hot, tingly sensation

Down time applies- skin after will be pink, water must be avoided for the rest of the day, mild flaking and dry skin will occur for around 3-5days.

Aftercare provided

Between 3-6 treatments advised (client dependent)

Although the Glow peel is a far stronger peel both peels achieve physical results on and within the skin. Using the AlumierMD peeling system we have the tools to add on boosters, additional products and methods to customise each treatment to our clients' goals and challenges.

These result driven peels take as little as 30minutes to receive, and can be combined with a number of our other services for maximum results!

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