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Ac--nae here!

Problematic skin is the biggest cause of low skin confidence. For those who suffer with problematic skin they will be the first to say it has a huge impact on their self-confidence. You cover those blemishes it gets worse; you bare all to see and you feel like Sharon from the office can’t stop looking at your chin.

But why do we get acne? What causes this skin challenge? How do we target and treat acne?

Those are the forever burning questions. There are many opinions, methods, treatments, products, myths and so-called miracles out there. And let’s face it they all fail to explain it takes time, energy and persistence to find the correct solution for you. There is not a one solution for all! However, we feel with that there is light at the end of the tunnel and here’s how…

First understand acne- Acne is a medical term given to persistent breakouts. There are 4 grades of acne, 1-4. 1 being the mildest and 4 the most severe. Its typically characterised by pimples, redness, pustule, cystic spots on and under the skin which has been caused due to inflammation and infection within the sebaceous gland.

What causes acne- There are said to be 4 main causes of acne- Excess oil production, Excess dead skin cells, hormone imbalance and excess bacteria. However, this varies on opinion as genetics is also believed to play a role. There are many co-factors that can cause acne to flare up. This could be diet, lifestyle, products, treatments, heat, irritation, stress and many more. Understanding what flares your skin concern can make a huge impact. Take notes, photos and create a diary. We also advise keeping a note of your gut health as this can be closely linked to acne flare ups.

Whats happening within the skin

  1. There are too many dead skin cells on the surface clogging hair follicles and creating a thicker skin.

  2. There’s an excess amount of sebum (oil) being produced however it is also much thicker in consistency. Co-factors such as stress are then aggravating the sebaceous gland encouraging it to make more and more of this gloopy oil.

  3. The oil is trying to travel up onto the surface on the skin however becomes trapped by the excess dead skin cells blocking its journey path.

  4. P-acne is attempting to create the acid mantle however thrives on the oil therefore goes on the search for more oil… this however is within the follicles and sebaceous gland.

  5. This then causes inflammation and a spot it created.

  6. We then squeeze or the blemish ruptures and the bacteria spreads.

There are 4 things that are needed in order to prevent and reduce this process

  1. Reduce the dead skin cells

  2. Minimise the oil production

  3. Reduce the and manage the co-factors

  4. Reduce the inflammation

We highly recommended initially focusing on the internal triggers by supplementing with Advanced Nutrition Accumax. This helps to redirect hormonal factors through natural antioxidants, re-balances oil production and also reduces the inflammation from within. We would then target the topical concern with the appropriate cleansing method to ensure the skin is clean and that topical skincare is able to penetrate to the desired cells. This would be followed by the correct target treatment depending on the level of acne. We would then progress onto peel treatments to generate skin health, reduce inflammation, reduce oil secretion and reduce dead dull skin cells on the surface.

This in turn generates a healthy skin.

As we said there is no one size fits all however we work by tailoring each skincare journey to you, so your consultations are essential. We know this can be an emotional journey to start so we hope we make each and every client feel confident from the minute they arrive to the minute they leave.

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