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4 Steps to achieving your Summer Glow

We have broken it up into 4 easy steps to achieving the perfect summer glow:

1. SPF. This is something that all skin therapist talk about 365 days a year to each and every client we see. Regardless of your skin concerns, skin challenges and skin goals an SPF is required. An SPF or a sun protection factor isn’t something new or fancy however it is single handily the most important stage of any skincare routine. There is no such thing as a complete sun block. You will always still absorb vitamin D and UV rays will still be able to penetrate the skin causing changes in the melanocytes resulting in a tan. The only significant difference is that your achieving the benefits from the sun in a safe way!

2. Cleansing. Make sure you are using the correct cleanser and cleansing method for your skin. When it comes to cleansers most clients selected their product based on texture opposed to function. Its essential that your cleanser doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural oils and barrier function as this can lead to sensitivity and excess oil production. We suggest using your carefully selected cleanser with a cleansing tool to maximise results. We love the London Flexi Cleanser as its gentle yet effective at removing all dirt and impurities leaving the skin clean and fresh (available in clinic).

Top tip- if you skin isn’t effectively cleansed your following skincare will not work as well!

3. Vitamin C is one of our favourite ingredients. It works by treating and preventing skin challenges such as pigmentation, redness, ageing, dehydration, free radical attack, dull and compromised skin. This powerful healing antioxidant compliments many skincare programmes and skin challenges.

4. Advanced Nutrition Internal skin health is something that should be part of our day to day life. The summer months shouldn’t be any exception. However, as we are exposed to more sunlight, air conditioning and free radicals in the summer we highly recommend replacing what we use and lose on a daily basis with skincare supplements. Supplements feed each skin cell from head to toe and target the lower layers of the skin. Some of our summer favourites are the Skin complete (vitamin A, D and Antioxidants), Skin Vitamin C (interval UV booster) and skin omegas (hydration!)

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